Government of India has launched various promotional schemes and offers to boost export from India in International Trade.

However, benefits of these schemes and facilities have not reached until grass-root level. We strive hard to promote these schemes throughout urban and rural India Industries.

From the inception of idea of import export to complicated schemes such as EPCG, Advance License, TED Refund, etc., we provide all the services with our in-depth knowledge of the trade.

Adirex Exim Services Pvt. Ltd. has assisted numerous Merchants, Manufacturers and Service Providers in achieving their goals of International Trade. Also, we have provided incentives generated through these goals.

Following are few services which we provide:

We provide following services under Imports:
  • Steel Import Management System Registration (SIMS)
  • Issue of Advance Authorization (Advance License OR DEEC).
  • Issue of Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA).
  • Issue of Zero Duty and Concessional 3% duty EPCG Authorization.
  • Fixation of Standard Inputs Outputs Norms & fixation DEPB rates.

We provide following services under Exports:
  • Issuance of Duty Credit Scrip like MEIS, SEIS, ROSCTL etc. from respective licensing authorities including SEZ.
  • Filing Transport and Marketing Assistance (TMA ) application.
  • Issuance of Certificate of Origin.
  • Udyam Registration for MSME's.
  • Online IEC issuance with its modification.
  • Issuance of DGFT Identity Card for collection of licenses.
  • Registration of Organization in all Export Promotion Councils (RCMC).
  • Issuance of Duty Credit Scrip like MEIS, SEIS, etc. from respective licensing authority including SEZ.
  • Registration of REX from respective Licensing Authority.
  • Issuance of UdyogAadhar from MSME for Service Provider or Manufacturer Exporter.
  • Issuance of Status Certificates.
  • Refund of TED from respective Licensing Authority.
  • Support in GST related services.

Other Services –
  • Issuance of Class 2 & Class 3 Digital Signatures.
  • Consultation in ISO Certification, FSSAI, PSI Certificate, etc.
  • Consultation in CHA activities

We also do follow- up with Custom Authority, Central Excise Authority & GST Range as follows –
  • Refund of Duty Draw Back from respective Customs Authority.
  • Filling appeal applications and doing follow up for refund of duties paid in excess with Custom Authorities.
  • Verification and registration of DEPB / VKGUY/ VKUY/ FMS / FPS / MEIS / SEIS / Advance Authorizations.
  • Logging of export entries in DEEC Book under Advance Licenses (old) & Closure of Bank Guarantees under same.
  • Verification of export entries under DFIA License.
  • Refund of Central Excise Duties, issue of Bond from Central Excise dept.
  • Cancellation of LUT/Bond/B.G. executed under Advance Authorization / DFIA Authorization/ EPCG Authorization.
  • Refund of Duty Drawback against supply to SEZ unit.
  • Acceptance of Bond under EPCG/Advance License/DFIA/Target Plus/Serve for India etc.
  • Refund of 4% Special Additional Duty (SAD) from Custom Authority.
  • Refund of I-GST from Customs Authority.
  • Refund of ROSL from Customs Authority.
  • Registration of LUT online.
  • Registration for AEO Certificate.